project description


Amino Freezepops was an eyeopening project for us here at RD Projects. They approached us to design the packaging for their amino acid formula freeze pop and also find a manufacturer for production. Little did we know that this specific style of packaging has MOQs that would make even the most confident and well prepared startup want to run for the hills! Add on top of that that with four different flavors of freeze pop, they were potentially looking at having to buy four separate printing plates, putting them in the position of having to place four individual  orders. 

Our solution? We suggested playing with opacities rather than colors, meaning that we could create just one design, but with four different opacities over the name of the flavor, achieving four identifiably different packages, but at a quarter of the cost. We successfully sourced a great manufacturer based in China who not only agreed to do considerably lower MOQs than we had originally been facing here in the US but also quoted us at a lower per unit price.